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Lake Eola Park in Orlando

Discover Lake Eola Park, a super beautiful park in Orlando and open to the public. Lake Eola is full of trees and such, with a lake in the middle that you can upgrade the park and buy plants and even rent. The park is located in Downtown Orlando and is perfect to rest, feel or be pure and vary a little from the routine of amusement parks in Orlando. If you can take an extra day out of your trip to just explore, hike, run or relax at Lake Eola Park, we guarantee it will be worth it. Lake Eola Park is beautiful, safe and very peaceful in the heart of Orlando. That means you can still visit the promenade and experience other wonderful local attractions found in one of the wonderful restaurants and cafes found in Downtown

Disney Parks

In the Disney complex there are 4 theme parks and 2 aquatic:

1.) Magic Kingdom
The Magic Kingdom is the symbol of Disney and Orlando. This was the first park in the city, has as its center the castle of Cinderella and brings in every corner of its territory everything we know as the magic created by Disney. It is a mandatory park for everyone who visits the city without exception. The best-known characters, the most traditional attractions, the most famous foods, the world's most must-see parades and fireworks shows are all gathered there.

2) Epcot
It is a special park for those who like to eat well and try different things, but do not stop amusing the most radical with some emblematic attractions, such as soarin' (which simulates a hang gliding flight), Mission Space (a space simulator that takes you to feel zero gravity) and Spaceship Earth (a walk through the history of the world inside the giant ball that is the symbol of the park). But children also have a turn at attractions like Finding Nemo, Imagination, and frozen. Finally, the fireworks show is part of the must-see things to see in Orlando.

3) Hollywood Studios
Disney's smallest park attracts adrenaline fans with two of disney's most radical attractions: the plummeting tower and aerosmith roller coaster. But you're wrong who thinks only radicals have a turn at Hollywood Studios. As the name already delivers, the grace of the park is to speak with a lot of creativity about cinema and theater, with must-see shows, such as the traditional musical of Bela and the Beast.

4) Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom has surprised more and more in recent years. First of all, it has one of Orlando's best roller coasters, Expedition Everest. Plus, it lets you meet real animals on a very cool and well-done safari. It still has must-see shows like the Lion King and nemo musical.
Finally, it is in the Animal Kingdom that is Pandora, the area dedicated to the movie Avatar, and today has one of the best attractions of the entire Disney.

5) Blizzard Beach
The smallest of Disney's two water parks, Blizzard is also the cooldest, most family. It has, like the others, attractions for all styles, from the radicals to the quiet ones to rest. Children sit in the coolest playgrounds in the world where unfortunately, adults can't get in if they haven't taken care of a child.

The park mimics a disabled ski resort, so it's very funny to go there in the summer and see the place full of mountains covered by lying snow. In fact, it's blizzard beach that is one of the largest water slides in there. If you're going on a month of heat, it's a great option to refresh.

6) Typhoon Lagoon
Typhoon is Disney's big and popular water park. I'd say it's the Magic Kingdom of bathers going to Orlando. The wave pool is giant and from time to time releases a very fun tsunami that will drag everyone to the beach. In addition, it has several attractions in which you can go with the whole family toboggan down, and a kind of water roller coaster.

Universal Parks

In the Universal complex, there are 2 theme parks and 1 aquatic:

1) Universal Studios
Another traditional Orlando park with the theme of cinema. Universal Studios returned to being one of the most popular in the city after Diagonal Alley (from the Harry Potter saga) was inaugurated as one of its themed areas. The park, which has always had small queues, has since been fuller, but its traditional attractions go far beyond the famous wizard. There you'll find the classic e.t. movie attraction, two roller coasters, and the fun shooting competition at the Men in Black attraction, Simpsons simulator, among other things.
In addition, children also enjoy the attractions of My Favorite Evil and Shrek. As you can see, it has excellent options for all ages.

2) Islands of Adventure
The second park of the Universal complex has many attractions for fans of radical attractions: are some roller coasters like the radical of the Hulk, and super cool simulators like the classic Spider-Man. But children also have turn, with an entire themed area with attractions for them.
It is also in islands of adventure that is the second Harry Potter themed area. There you will find the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts Castle and hagrid's new roller coaster

3) Volcano Bay
The most recent park in the Universal complex is also the first water, and has brought to Orlando another option to give that rest in the theme park and shopping schedule. In addition to many extreme attractions, this park also brings the ease of using virtual queue for attractions.
The park is all neat in the details, has as its theme the islands of the Pacific and a large volcano that is like a central landmark of the place. For those looking for more extreme water attractions than disney parks, then it's a great choice.


As a result of being very controversial and criticized by a large part of tourists because of exploitation and mistreatment of animals, SeaWorld has been reinventing itself. In recent years, they have announced that they will no longer create new whales and will gradually change the experience offered with these animals.

In addition, SeaWorld has created attractions that go beyond marine life. This is the case of some of the most radical roller coasters in Orlando, Kraken, Manta and Mako. The famous whale and dolphin shows continue there attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, as well as the exhibits of animals such as dolphins, turtles and stingrays.

For children, an entire area dedicated to Sesame Street is usually a hit with the little ones.


Located 40 minutes from Orlando, Legoland is perhaps the only park that doesn't please tourists of all ages. This is because the focus of the park is clearly children from 2 to 10 years. Maybe even 12, but not beyond that. Adults really have nothing to enjoy in the park, precisely because it was created for the children, so every bit of it is perfectly made for them. When we went to visit, I kept thinking about how much fun I'd be having if I was seven. So here's the tip: if you're not going with kids to Orlando, don't worry about visiting Legoland.

Kennedy Space Center

Despite being called a park, the Kennedy Space Center looks much more like an interactive museum than a theme park. Built around one of NASA's research, training and rocket launch centers, the U.S. special agency, the Kennedy Space Center is a park for space lovers. There visitors can watch 3D movies on the subject, meet real rockets, walk through the control centers of space missions and even chat and have lunch with an astronaut.


Orlando offers some of the best outlets and malls in the world for shopping, plus numerous department stores with excellent prices and qualities. It is possible to buy items from designer brands at considerably cheaper prices.

Usually on public holidays outlets offer larger discounts. The day before and a day later too. That's because outlets know that these days the movement is bigger and want to make the most of promotions to move sales.